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Hola! Somos Raúl y Susana y formamos Radiga Studios. Somos unos enamorados de la fotografía, del cine, de los viajes y de las bodas. Fascinados con la conexión humana y obsesionados con la luz, nuestra misión será contar vuestra historia de una forma personal y única, dejando que las cosas fluyan.Naturalidad, emoción y elegancia son los tres rasgos que definen nuestro estilo. No buscamos sólo fotos bonitas, si no instantes que van sumando y dan como resultado una preciosa historia de amor.Aunque somos fotógrafos de bodas en Valladolid viajamos a cualquier parte del mundo.


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We put a lot of faith in Raul and Radiga Studios from the very beginning, as we planned our dream (destination) wedding in Spain while living in the U.S. But from our initial conversations with Raul, and reviewing his outstanding work, we knew we working with not only a consummate professional, but also an incredibly gifted and talented photographer.

I work in visual media and I can say from a professional stand-point, Radiga's work is on par with some of the best I've worked with in my career. As a bride, Raul and Susana worked with us above and beyond what was contracted. There were many unknowns planning a wedding in a country where most of our friends and family had never been, and almost none spoke the language. This didn't phase Raul and his team - they worked with our family and friends around any perceived language barrier and made sure that everyone was relaxed and having fun. And they didn't miss a beat during the ceremony even though it was in English. They arrived earlier than they were required to and stayed later than was contracted to make sure that they captured every single moment of our once-in-a-lifetime day. Not only did they make us feel like their most important clients, but they provided us with some of the most incredible images I've ever seen captured at an event. We cherish the gift that they provided us with, and it's one that will provide us with a lifetime of enjoyment as we look back at the special moments Radiga has ensured we will never forget.

Radiga takes a different approach to event photography. They spend time getting to know you as a couple, to find out your story and what makes your relationship special and then they work throughout your wedding celebration to capture what makes you unique as a couple. They're not just looking for the important moments, but the stories and emotions that go into every one of those moments, and then they perfectly capture each of them.

Their service and commitment to their clients doesn't just end after the wedding - we continue to speak with them regularly, even almost one year later, and now consider them friends. We highly recommend using Radiga Studios and look forward to booking future family events with them!

05/04/2019 18:53

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